Release of the world’s first new energy one-step artificial intelligence refrigerated truck | SINGAUTO opens a new era of AI for commercial vehicles

On June 24, SINGAUTO, a subsidiary of SINGAUTO, held its 2024 global brand launch conference at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, officially announcing the full launch of its globalization strategy.

Multinational organizations, top companies, investment institutions and business partners from all over the world gathered at the scene to discuss in depth the new path of innovation and sustainable development of the global logistics industry, and jointly witness SINGAUTO’s determination and strength to stand at the forefront of the new energy commercial vehicle industry, focus on global market demand, and lead the cross-era development of the entire industry chain.

01 Start the AI ​​engine to revitalize technology

New car released —
The world’s first new energy one-step artificial intelligence refrigerated truck

Based on its rich innovative achievements in the fields of new energy intelligent driving and cold chain logistics, SINGAUTO has created the world’s first new energy one-step artificial intelligence refrigerated truck by building the industry-leading “four core commercial vehicle product platforms + last mile solution” business model. This model is fully electric and forward-developed, “get on and off in one step”, and is equipped with the world’s leading chassis battery replacement technology, automatic driving system, fully compatible skateboard chassis, front independent suspension, cloud platform global monitoring, passenger car-style intelligent cockpit, multi-temperature zone intelligent sub-control and other high-tech configurations. Solar photovoltaic panels are laid on the top of the car body to reduce charging time and increase battery life.

Racing on the F1 track——
A stunning demonstration of autonomous driving technology on the Yas Marina Circuit

Among the many exciting moments at the scene, the most eye-catching one was the moment when the world’s first new energy one-step artificial intelligence refrigerated truck made a stunning appearance on the track of Yas Terminal in Abu Dhabi. Under the witness of all the guests, the new car professionally demonstrated a series of technologies such as “overtaking and changing lanes, S-curve driving, parking when encountering pedestrians, avoiding congested roads, and sharp turns” in a fully automatic driving manner. This not only demonstrated the excellent performance of the new car, but also demonstrated SINGAUTO’s leading engineering research and development capabilities in the field of commercial vehicles, and also foreshadowed the future development trend of the logistics industry to be smarter and more efficient.

02 Set up a leading banner to gather global elites

Chen Xuefeng’s speech——
SINGAUTO co-founder and global CEO officially debuted

At the press conference, Mr. Chen Xuefeng officially debuted as the co-founder and CEO of SINGAUTO, and was responsible for the company’s global business. He has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and has deep insights and market acumen into the new energy industry. In his speech, he introduced SINGAUTO’s development history, business layout and future business blueprint, and released a new brand positioning, corporate vision, mission and values. He clearly pointed out that SINGAUTO will accelerate the realization of the company’s international strategic layout by rapidly building an ecological system such as R&D, production and distribution networks, and actively promote global industrial chain cooperation to a new level.

03 Build a mutual trust ecosystem and jointly draw a business blueprint

Global R&D Center——
SINGAUTO and Longchuang Automobile signed a major contract

At the conference, SINGAUTO and Shanghai Longchuang Automotive Design Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract to jointly establish a global R&D center. Shanghai Longchuang Automotive Design Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of complete vehicles for more than 20 years, and has R&D capabilities in styling, vehicle integration, chassis, body, electrical appliances, three-electric, functional safety, trial production, and verification. The two parties will work together to explore the future of the new energy field and promote the sustainable development of the new energy commercial vehicle field through the “turnkey project” service of the entire industry chain.

Photos of the signing ceremony between SINGAUTO and Longchuang Automobile

Received global orders——
SINGAUTO signed order agreements with many well-known companies

Soon after, SINGAUTO signed product order cooperation agreements with world-renowned companies such as South Korea’s DAEJI P&I and China’s Shandong Dark Horse Group. We have reason to believe that in the future, more partners will work closely with SINGAUTO to jointly transform the global logistics industry.


SINGAUTO and China Shandong Dark Horse Group

04 Build a global brand and drive industry innovation

Strategic layout in the UAE —
SINGAUTO will build the “world’s largest new energy commercial vehicle industry base”

SINGAUTO chose the UAE as the first stop for the global strategic launch, aiming to make full use of the market demand and industrial advantages of the Middle East in the fields of new energy, smart technology and logistics. In the future, SINGAUTO plans to build the “world’s largest new energy commercial vehicle industry base” in the UAE, and through investment in industrial infrastructure, market development, technology research and development, after-sales service, legal norms, sustainable development and talent training, firmly implement the company’s localization strategic layout in the UAE, and increase the development of the Middle East market to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Create a world-renowned new energy commercial vehicle brand——
SINGAUTO is committed to driving the innovative development of the industry

As a company that has been committed to global development since its inception, Xinya Technology is committed to becoming a world-renowned new energy commercial vehicle brand. In the future, while enabling enterprises to improve logistics efficiency, it will promote innovation in the new energy industry and contribute to the steady development of the global economy. At the same time, it will actively expand extensive cooperation in the fields of new energy commercial vehicles and smart technology in the European and Southeast Asian markets, jointly build an international cooperation network of mutual trust and win-win, and lead the industry to accelerate towards a sustainable future.