Future plan

Based in Asia, with an eye on the global feeder logistics market. Our long-term planning for vehicle products covers not only new-energy intelligent refrigerated vehicles, but also the development of other types of products. Starting from cold chain transport vehicles, we will constantly expand the applicable models and carry out the development of a full range of pure electric commercial vehicles for different scenarios.

Early 2025

Early 2026

Early 2027

Type 1

New-energy cold chain logistics vehicle

Concentrating on new-energy intelligent cold chain logistics transport vehicles to become the first person in the industry

Type 2

New-energy intelligent commercial vehicle

Carrying out research and development of new-energy intelligent commercial vehicles to become an intelligent commercial vehicle solution provider to meet different usage scenarios

Type 3

Full series development of commercial vehicles

Continuously innovating, developing and designing a full range of commercial vehicle products with technology services + intelligence as the core

Automotive Aftermarket

Subscription service

Cold chain distribution platform service

Advertising service

Energy storage service